In order to keep our promise of having the most satisfied client base in the industry, here, at EX FINANCES, we only offer safe and stable funding methods.


  • NO Cost and Worldwide
  • ALL incoming SWIFT® wires are free of fee


  • A great way to get your account funded fast
  • The current rate is 3.75% + 0.50 on all deposits


  • Our Recommended Deposit Option, Fast and Secure
  • Deposit fees are set at 3% and 3.5%


  • Convenient and LOCAL deposit methods
  • Deposit fees are set at 2.5%


  • Fast, Easy and Cheap
  • Deposit fees are set at 15 USD


Here, at EX FINANCES, we believe that simple is more effective, and effectiveness equals more funds. So, if usually it seems easier to fund your account at some Forex Brokers than to ask for a withdrawal, this is not the case with us.

  • NETELLER® Withdrawals are FREE *
  • SKRILL® Withdrawals are FREE *
  • Move money back to your Credit Card are for FREE *
  • Withdraw back to ANY Credit Card for FREE *
  • EURO SEPA Transfers for FREE *
  • Worldwide SWIFT® Transfers for FREE *
  • UPHOLD® transfers for FREE *
  • Latency Free Withdrawals at your LOCAL ATM for FREE *
  • Looking for more options? Contact us [email protected],

EX FINANCES does not charge you to move money back to your Skrill or Neteller Accounts, however both of these gateways do charge fees, 1% and 2% respectively, on our side when processing the transfer. Your final withdrawal is NET of those fees.

Due to the change of regulations Skrill has notified us that, from Nov 30th, they will not allow anymore EEA and UK clients deposits and withdraw to and from EX FINANCES Skrill account.


Since FOREX Traders have different trading techniques, it is only logical they should not all use the same trading interface. In order to align your needs with the best fitting technology, EX FINANCES lets you choose which platform better suits your demands. This is only one of the reasons we are the BEST FOREX BROKER for you. Because we care, we invest ourselves in finding the best solutions for each and any of our clients.

MT4, the platform we use, is considered to be, by FAR, the most POPULAR front-end application in retail FX. The technical solution speaks for itself, but keeps in mind the platform you trade on is only a piece of the FX puzzle. To be successful, you also need the proper infrastructure, cash-flow, and support; otherwise, not even the best could always be on the winning side. EX FINANCES are EXTRAORDINARY problem solvers, they will not back down at the first sign of an issue.

How Does EX FINANCES  Make MT4 Better?

  • REAL STP on MT4. No B-Book, No Dealer Plugins, No Filters, No Ridiculousness.
  • NO proximity restrictions when placing entry or exit orders
  • Hedging is ALLOWED on all feeds
  • Trade via FIX API and use MT4 as your Front-End GUI
  • NO limits on the number of open orders you can have at any one time
  • LEAN and FAST Liquidity bridge built in-house, processing orders in < 5ms
  • Hosted on HIGH end REDUNDANT infrastructure in Equinix LD4
  • Level II, or Depth of Market data, available on select pricing feeds