So, no matter whether you have already tried to work with other traders, or you are just now developing an interest in FOREX trading, you have many reasons to work with us. You ALREADY know we are DEDICATED, PROMPT, INTELLIGENT, maybe not very modest, but let’s tell it as it is, who has ever won anything by being modest? HONESTY is what defines us, and makes us DIFFERENT in this demanding industry that is FOREX brokerage. So, if you really want help to make a difference in your life, what are you still waiting for?



What you have to find, in order to be successful in this business, is not a better ‘Forex Broker’, but a genuine PARTNER, a company that will take your needs into account, make them their own and strive to provide better trading conditions, so you could both build a profitable partnership in order to gain LONG TERM profitability. Why is EX FINANCES so different from it’s competition? Here you find only a few reasons:

  • With the older platforms, you kind of feel they have been here forever.. Despite alternatives having come and gone, these platforms remained the core of the retail FX industry. Until now…
  • We have a strong belief that ALL our clients can be supported to become more profitable traders. Maintaining a stable and trustworthy trading environment is not by any means easy, but it is what needs to be done in order to ensure our clients get the best results. Webtrader is a TRANSPARENT and SMART means towards achieving our ambitious ultimate goal: to have a highly professional trading infrastructure, which is also adapted to suit beginners’ needs, in order to ensure everyone is EMPOWERED to further themselves on the road to sustainable profitability.
  • What the Webtrader platform managed to do is to give new life power to an otherwise old and static technology chain that had been frustrating traders for quite a while before. What we did, before offering Webtrader to our clients, is to test its qualities for a long time, just to make sure they perform as advertised, so that what we recommend to clients is as good as humanly possible, with no hidden bad surprises. Patience has paid off, in the end, so we can now say Webtrader really works.
  • We are entirely sure that, if you are here, you are one of the SMART traders. Having chosen to trade on a platform built not for brokers, but for traders, you have proven you really belong to our community. But in order to achieve all your trading goals, you need more. You have to also trade with the MOST INTELLIGENT FOREX broker around, in order to double your chances of success.


Let’s be HONEST and DIRECT, as promised. Retail FX has always been similar to the main principle of Casino Gambling, that is ’The house ALWAYS wins.’ That is because the house, and by that we mean the end counterparty to your trades, always has an advantage. But you need not worry, because EX FINANCES has the perfect FIX for your problem.


Let us help you picture the situation: FOREX Trading on MT4 compared to Trading the FX Market on an Institutional Desk is like driving a ‘70s tractor instead of a Lamborghini. We know the banks play with the many advantages; we do not need to give them more ways to tap our pockets.

EX FINANCES offers access to ALL of its clients, with NO MINIMUM Volume Requirements and NO MINIMUM Monthly Brokerage Costs. And, to make this an even more UNBELIEVABLY GOOD offer, you can open a FOREX Trading Account with access for the same minimum deposit as MT4… ONLY 250 EURO.


Let’s see it again. What do we offer?

We offer you THE BEST infrastructure, AFFORDABLE prices, RELIABLE client support and your CHOICE of liquidity.

We will not say that setting up and maintaining a FIX API account takes a lot of money and resources, and we will not pretend the connection is kept stable by a ton of banana joggling monkeys, so the bill you will end up paying will be FAIR.

In the table below, you can see all the pricing feeds we are now offering via our FIX API, as well as where the liquidity is pricing from, the type of liquidity offered and how able is each feed to accommodate toxic flow. The definition of toxic flow can differ from feed to feed and from a place to the other, but if you do not know what toxic flow means, trust us, your trade flow is most likely not toxic.




We are not the type of business to try and fool you with fine print, so there is no need for a magnifying glass to read our offer. We are DIRECT and TRANSPARENT, so what you SEE is what you GET.


Spreads are the spine of the cost base of any solid trading infrastructure. EX FINANCES is determined to keep these costs in check, thus ensuring its clients enjoy a profitable PARTNERSHIP. Here you can compare the real time Low Spreads on several of our distinct pricing feeds. Every trader should really take into account low Spreads as one part of the total FX Cost. Of course, spreads are not the only part of the cost to be taken into consideration. Sometimes, low spreads mean a high slippage rate, caused by the absence of liquidity. Choosing to Trade Forex with EX FINANCES, you come to the right place, the same more and more FX Traders are JOINING, because we are the place where WISHES become REALITY.


The FX Space is continuously changing, so it presents challenges even for the most experienced and even seasoned professionals. This is why here, at EX FINANCES, we are focusing on providing valuable and unique data to our PARTNERS, so as to EMPOWER them to attack the field from equal grounds. We STRONGLY believe ACCURATE INFORMATION equals EDUCATION, which for a trader translates into PROFIT.

Just by checking for a limited amount of time the big three FOREX trading stat websites, you will notice most of the systems that seem profitable really have issues, since they don’t ever have the same performance on different pricing venues. There are two reasons why this occurs: either the toxic nature of those, or just the fact that pricing in FX varies and every venue establishes different prices.

It is time to discuss a fact the majority of traders are not aware of; identifying a profitable strategy is IMPORTANT, but it is also the EASIER part of the two that are needed in order to turn a constant profit. Liquidity Management, that is the other essential ingredient for success, is, unfortunately, not controllable by the trader, and even most brokers do not really know how to approach and successfully deal with.

Even though the majority of us understands the terms Liquidity and Management separately, when they come together, most of the retail FX marketplace, and by that we mean brokers, tech providers, and EA masterminds, can’t really explain these words’ meanings when they are grouped together.

We have to tell things as they really are: no matter what broker you choose to clear your trades, that order flow will end up into the same small handful of FX banks that control the retail FX industry. Things are quite clear, since all brokers swim in the same sea. Even more, they all use technology they outsource to some other firm, which normally implies they have limited knowledge of how exactly the tech functions and to what extent the various parameters influence their clients’ trades.

I am positive you have already noticed one system can operate ‘well’ with a particular broker and either do nothing or lose money with a different one. Some unscrupulous brokers just grab all trades and start by giving their clients instant order execution. Let’s say, or maybe we should say let’s dream all brokers are STP. Then, HOW or WHY is a system able to act so differently in separate venues? The answer might seem straightforward, but it actually needs some deeper explaining, as it goes; “Fine tuning”’

Some things just can’t work together, and we all know it: you can’t pair a stallion with a lame mare, and you most surely can’t cure a front broken leg on a horse by breaking one in the back too. It is understood that neither of the horses could go very far, so to speak, and one might end up with no horses at all…

In other words, trading the perfect system does not always ensure success, if the settings are not optimized on all sides, and all the details are not the right ones.

Traders using high-frequency systems cannot hope for the best return trading on the same configurations as the traders focused on exotics and crosses.

Liquidity Management and in part, order routing rulesets, are key ingredients for a long term solid profit return in the FOREX market.

So, next time you contact a broker, prepare and be certain they are able to give you what you need. In case they are not properly managing their own tech infrastructure, you have to try another.

Over the years, some bad things were told in the press about the Retail FX Industry and if not most of them were truth founded, some of it unfortunately was.

To be direct, the entire industry appears to be untrustworthy. There are more reasons why that is, but the main problem is that some new traders do not really understand how FX works, since all they do know comes from forums and blog posts. And since they are allowed to trade with the basic “knowledge” they acquired in such fashion, some failures are to be expected.

One can argue, as we have done it so many times, that educating its base traders is something the whole industry should undertake. This situation, however, could imply a conflict of interest for most brokers, made to choose between their client’s profitability and their bottom line. It should be crystal clear for everyone who is going to win that argument…

We can place bets on the best way to win someone’s trust. But the truth of the matter is, trust is a very expensive and hard to find commodity, like beluga caviar at your local market from the corner of the street. Especially when dealing with people’s pockets, building TRUST can be hard work, and losing it might happen way easier.

This is why a HUGE amount of marketing dollars are spent to create and maintain trust, but at times this same marketing completely contradicts the very image the campaigns are trying to sustain…

For instance, you might be surprised to hear some ‘awards’ within the industry can apparently be bought as one would get groceries from the store. We recently received an email from a certain unnamed company which presents awards within the financial and FX market, stating clearly and directly they had ‘awards available’, such distinctions helping ‘maintain a good and up-to-date reputation in the FOREX industry’…

So, let’s be HONEST, having awards in this industry is maybe not a real indication a broker is better than another and that you must put your TRUST and MONEY with them. What to do, then? Be sure you personally do as much RESEARCH as you can before deciding where to place your funds.