FINEX GROUP LTD is indeed something else. We pride ourselves with being TRULY DIFFERENT. Our trading PARTNERS are the main focus of our day to day activity.

We do not sweeten occurrences within the market, nor do we try to dissimulate the not so pretty part of our business by spending huge amounts of dollars on marketing. Instead, we invest that money into research and development of our trading environment, making sure we are up to speed with new trends, in a market that is continuously changing. Are we perfect? We can’t promise that, this is a domain where bad things sometimes happen, but what we can promise, is complete and utter dedication to confront every problem our PARTNERS face with the same adamant determination, no matter the size or scope of the issue.

We know the FX Market is quite hard to navigate on it’s own.

EXPERIENCE has taught us a trader can’t really deal with more red tape and only vague, non-documented answers to their extremely precise questions.

FINEX GROUP LTD is aware that, although traders want the best possible price, they also need quite different tools to ensure their respective success. In answer to this problem, we not only provide the best possible infrastructure, but also ensure access to said infrastructure according to each person’s specific budget.

Our slogan perfectly reflects our business model, and the reason EXfinances managed to grow inside a very challenging industry, while using only scrupulous tactics, unlike most of its competitors.

FINEX GROUP LTD- the place to be if you want to WIN.